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It was ... been....  a quite eventful week.

I've thought what to post here so far, gotten to school and hit home

.... would be a good excuse xD?

hm.. busy weekdays've gone. and anyway weekends've come =3

Saturday. 7:00. My room. on bed.

I woke up and went to school.

When I got to school, It was 7:38.

No one was in a classroom.

So, I wondered: Isn't the time right?

The day was for CA(club activity.. like that)

I joined 'Latin Culture Study Club'

After 8:10 or so.. People started to get in the classroom.

Oops and yes!!

I could be there at 8:30 XP

Anyway... There was some kinds of Latin costume.

I wore a Latin costume... looked like.. a flamenco dress?

And was taken some pictures

I couldn't see them T_T

btw... The teacher made me a captain of the class

And gave me some paperworks

(I typed some member lists on word processor... and saved it.
But when I tried to print it... there was nothing in the saved file... 
She told me to make it by Monday.. and it's today... 
what should i do... man.........oh man..............I really don't like this)

After CA, one of my friends-also in the club- gave me some birthday presents ↓

Even though my birthday was 3/29... I was really happy then.

Because no one gave me birthday presents *sob*

I thought It was sunny, warm... and quite peaceful,

walking through a small park nearby my school.

And then, I took a subway.

I had a shrimp burger combo for lunch

I wanted something like... doughnuts! *drool*

But I had only 3000won then T_T

And It's very right for lunchtime discount in McDonald

'All combo is 3000won during Lunchtime'

After tutoring Math, I found I have so many things to do

firstly, an essay summary... I actually finished this one..

but I think what I've summarized is suck =P

And I needed to finish Math and English assignments

And The paperworks the Spanish teacher gave me =O!!

But I've slept all day long

All I've done is...

Watching movies with pringles!

I watched The Simsons, New York Minute and Sky High =)

Ooopss....!! You can see... it's over midnight already.

The saved file's flown to a damn

And In this situation, I would be able to say

'Que Sera Sera
What will be will be'

And anyway

Thank you, this one is quite long xD!

I hope y'all have fun today =)


I drew a picture today

The original is damn big =P



Bring it on >=D


 Once, JFK said 'Don't get mad, Get even.'

Yes, I won't get mad


I'll defeat you, stupid Mathmatics =P

Just you wait and see

I'll defeat you soon!!

(I actually got 16 points out of 100 in a Math exam some weeks ago... darn TT)

By the way, anyone likes this?

I think no one would like it...i'm sure....it....it sucks T_T!!



was not sunny T_T


Apr. 8th, 2008

1. If I had a dime for every...
time I lvl up on a game, I'd be a millionaire

2. If I could catch a star I'd...
sell it

3. If you saw me cry you'd...

4. If you could read my eyes they'd tell you...
who are you by the way

5. If I could go back 5 years I would...
be happy?

6. If you saw me walking...
I'd walk faster

7. If I could fly, I'd fly to...

8. If I had a black cat cross in front of me, I'd...
give a look for a while, thinking "omg... what a cute thing!"

9. If I could live in the Big Apple I'd...
be flat broke soon

10. If I had to leave my soulmate I'd...
hey! gimme my soulmate first!! x)

11. If I could be a movie star I'd be...
in  obscurity

12. If I did a trick it would be...

13. If I had half a million I'd...
Go abroad, around the world! right now!!

14. If I only could pick 6 things in the house to have for 1 year, it would be...
Computer with internet modem, NDSL, Electronic dictionary, my bed, money, It's enough =)

15. If I really could have a dream come true it would be...
a translator!

16. If Hilary is elected president...

17. If the drinking age was lowered...
some people would like it, others not.

18. If aliens really do exist...
Actually, I'm the one.

19. If school wasn't required...
high school? University?

20. Myspace is...
what I don't have yet

21. If I am what I eat...
something cool!

22. If I am rubber and you are glue...
No kidding! x)

23. If I ruled the world...
I'd make laws for gay

24. If dogs are a man's best friend...
my best friends would be men, not animals

25. If time heals all wounds...
Time's like gold for its preciousness

26. If I won the lottery...
I'd reject it

27. If actions speak louder than words...
They'd be much louder =)

28. If I died today...
Gosh!!!! WTF!!



I'm playing

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates

It sure is cool x)




타파!! >=O


Writer's Block: Family Matters

What is your "role" in your family?
an oldest daughter, sister, =)


Writer's Block: Saturday Night

How are your Saturday nights different now than they were five years ago?
I don't play online games for now =)




Go to bed where my favorite pillow is waiting for me x)!


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